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Stéphane Orssaud-computer expert- Philadelphia

Chic & Atypique can make miracles where others dampen their spirits. We put our house on the market at the beginning of the real-estate crisis. Several agencies promised us heaven…after three months, a relation advised us Chic & Atypique. Virginia Olivier gave a personal touch in the presentation of our house, and each visit could turn into a potential deal. Even once we moved abroad, Chic & Atypique continued giving us a high leveled service and found the perfect buyer for our house. Virginia made everything simple, by being the intermediary in all the different aspects of the transaction. It is quite obvious that it is due to her personal input in the presentation of our property, that convinced the buyers. Another important asset, is that Virginia could speak easily with my (American) wife and the buyers were also a French-american couple. Having a real estate agent who has such a varied clientele is definitely a major plus compared to « high-street » agencies.