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Chic & Atypique results from the real estate Cabinet Cheysson founded in 1954.
Chic & Atypique, formerly known as VBCI, was founded in 1995 by Virginia Olivier. Its roots go back to 1954, when Néna Cheysson, Virginia’s grandmother started her real estate business in Paris. During the afterwar development, the key names in real estate were few. Néna Cheysson soon became THE Parisian upper-class real estate consultant: the trustworthy person to whom you could rely on for your Parisian home, and with whom you were ensured to find the right buyer. Oh and, she would also help find the architect, the antique dealer, the interior decorator, the gardener or even the chambermaid !

It was the very beginning of personalized and tailored real estate, building her success for over 40 years and founding the way for Virginia Olivier and her team to practice today.

Contrarily to traditional real estate agencies, Chic & Atypique’s seeks to maintain a stable number of clients rather than to increase its list. Our focus is to ensure that the relationship with the client is built on long-lasting trust, so that you know that you can come back anytime to Chic & Atypique, whether it is about real estate or about a more general “housing” concern (see Other Services). To gain that, you have to meet clients’ expectations: tailor-made is time consuming, it requires energy and availability. That is why we commit to work for a maximum of three clients at a time, and consultants do not sign a new mandate until one of the three contracts has been achieved. It is our duty to dedicate ourselves intensively to the assignments given by our clients.

Our clients feel unique (see Customer Feedback)

● Our clients recommend us to their networks
● Our customers come back to us each time they have a real-estate issue
● A truthful long-lasting relationship is born and grows

100% client satisfaction.

Multi-cultural roots and life abroad : familiar with expatriates and international clientele expectations.
Thanks to Virginia Olivier’s experience and understanding of Anglophone, Hispanic and French cultures and lifestyles, she is considered one of the international clientele’s favourite real estate consultants in France. Whether you are a foreigner wishing to invest in the country for renting, whether you are looking for a pied-à-terre, or if you are an expatriate preparing an upcoming return, Virginia Olivier is the go-to person.


Looking for a place with atmosphere ? A roof-terrace ? a garden in the middle of Paris? Chic & Atypique is the place to go – Tailored real estate with people who understand your way of life.


Partnership-based network in Paris and West Paris Outskirts.

Solutions you may find through Chic & Atypique:

● Rental administration

● House hunting in Paris or in Aix/Riviera or office hunting

● Mandatory diagnostics

● Indoor/outdoor decoration

● Garden and terrace maintenance

● Legal advice (patrimonial, fiscal, heritage)

● Take care of administrative obligations for foreign buyers