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1. Collect all information necessary to have full knowledge of your property.

2. Pricing – We never over-estimate : Our job is not to set the price you dream of but to set an achievable dealing price.

3. Systematical settling of a Selling contract.

4. Advertising relentlessly until the property is sold.

Real estate websites, social networks, press, local billboards.

5. Submission of written buying propositions only.

Buyers’ profile, financing, breakdown, dates, delays.

6. The optimal deal : owner sells his property at the best price possible, buyer makes a good investment.

7. The promise to sell (promesse de vente) is established by and with solicitors (notaires) only so that owner and buyer are advised equally and as best as possible.


Chantal Berteloot, Human resources manager.Stanislas Berteloot, Consultant.

"Giving your home to sell to Virginia Olivier,is the best way to achieve your goal in terms of price and conditions while continuing to dedicate yourself to your jobs and family. (...)"
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Dominique Imbert, Psychologist

"A service totally different from what one normally finds with usual Real Estate Agencies, by the way that she invested her time, and shared her enthusiasm, ending with the successful sale of our house, and the buying of an apartment that answered to all our requirements, without the necessity of taking a relay loan.(...)"
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Danielle Monbet Psychologue

"A big thank you to Jane and Virginia, a feminine duo with sharp minds, and kind hearts.(...)"
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Jean-Maurice Dussartre, doctor, Sèvres (92).

"In July 2011, we asked Virginia Olivier to take care of selling a Parisian appartment, part of a rather complicated estate. Thanks to her availability, efficiency, tact and professionalism, she fulfilled the mission in an incredibly short time.(...)"
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Vassilis C., managing director, Greek, London

"In November 2005, I entrusted Virginia Olivier with the selling of my one-bedroom apartment, set in Paris 5th. The task was to make the deal in a short period and position the property on the right market. Before contacting Mrs Olivier, I had contacted several traditional estate agencies.(...)"
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M & I Haynes- banker, Australian – London

"We sold our Paris apartment thanks to Mrs Olivier a few years ago whilst we were leaving France for professional reasons.(...)"
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Valérie Tong-Cuong – writer- Paris

"We entrusted in 1998, Virginia Olivier with the selling of our two bedroom apartment set in Paris 1. She achieved the perfect deal. Fully satisfied with the deal and the conditions in which it occurred (especially the way our privacy was respected), we asked Mrs Olivier, two years later, to find us an atypical property.(...)"
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Stéphane Orssaud-computer expert- Philadelphia

"Chic & Atypique can make miracles where others dampen their spirits. We put our house on the market at the beginning of the real-estate crisis. Several agencies promised us heaven…after three months, a relation advised us Chic & Atypique.(...)"
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Magali Lombard – advertising consultant- France

"At first, I wished to rent three levels of a house that needed refurbishing. Then, the whole house was to be sold. Virginia Olivier helped me for the entire process, by presenting me to a certain number of builders for the work that had to be done, and then to a company that manages all the administration linked to renting. (...)"
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